29 February 2012

Another Birthday

I turned a year older (again) on 26 February. Since Mr.M is on his 3-week business trip in the US, I spent this special day with two of best friends. K flew in from The Netherlands just to celebrate my birthday. We've been knowing one another for almost 11 years. It was nice to have them around, it remind me of our good, old, crazy younger days back in Australia. K is moving back to Australia next year, so is another close friend of ours who is now in China for work. Sometimes I secretly hoping Mr.M will tell me, 'Let's move to Australia!'. He knows I've always wanted to move out of Europe, to be closer to my family but... (there's always a but).

1/ We started our day at Cafe Louvre for brunch.
2/ I played a tourist guide for a day.
3/ Later in the evening, we went to La Casa Argentina for dinner, then clubs-hopping until midnight.
4/ I bought myself an early birthday present - a KitchenAid Artisan!

Mr.M is coming home on Sunday. I can't wait to see him and what he's bringing me from the US this time!

14 February 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! Are you celebrating this special day? Mr.M and I don't usually do anything special - we have dinner and good wine at home, usually he'll cook. He's away in the US for business this time. He will not be home until next month.

I still need to edit the photos we've taken during our trip. Here are some random ones from my iPhone. I love Instagram! Haven't you noticed it? :)

1/ I actually like Costa Coffee hot chocolate better than the Starbucks one!
2/ Louis Vuitton window display at Takashimaya, Singapore. Wilshire PM in Monogram Vernis Rayures.
3/ I love my Repetto flats. I'm definitely going to buy more of them.
4/ Now we have added Singapore to our Starbucks city mugs collection.

9 February 2012


We're back from our 2-week vacation last Sunday. I'm still having jetlag, seriously... Both Mr.M and I pass out before 10pm everyday. We're certainly not very excited with the European cold and snowy winter!

I still need to upload and edit the photos I've taken on my dSLR. I'll write more soon. xo