9 July 2010

The Dress

We picked up the dress from our wedding planner 2 days ago. It's so pretty with some floral details and Swarovski crystals. I adore it and couldn't wait to try it on.

Here's a sneak peak of the dress. Lighting was kinda bad that evening and my external flash batteries were flat.

I broke the rule. Mr.Fi saw me in my dress. My wedding planner told me to try on the dress to see if it fits. Since there's no one else living in our house besides Mr.Little Yorki and Mr.Fi, I had to ask Mr.Fi to help me putting the dress on! Oh boy, it's lots of work. Mr.Fi couldn't figure out how to tie the corset back and he did it all wrong. When I looked into the mirror, I hated the dress. It looked big on me! I called the wedding planner and she told me not to panic.

We went to the seamstress yesterday. I put the dress on with my wedding planner's help tying the corset back, it fits me perfectly! There's no need for alterations. I know it's a big relieve for her. I actually love the dress. I know I sound crazy.

There was another drama in the morning when I was putting on my makeup, ready for work. That's probably the stupidest thing I've ever said in my life. Mr.Fi thinks I'm silly and my dad couldn't believe I was that stupid. Well, the entire wedding planning is stressing me out. Our wedding planners have definitely help us a lot but I just can't relax.

6 July 2010

Marc Jacobs Daisy Garland

I love fragrances. I've started buying them since I was in highschool. My first one was ...Oh! de Moschino. I still remember the scent. ;)

I don't normally buy them in retail prices, I'm cheap like that. Whenever I'm travelling either for work or holiday, I make sure I bring one (or more) home. I've never bought them online though. I've been wanting Marc Jacobs Diasy for a while. I got some gift vouchers from my best friend for Christmas last year so I decided to use them last month.

I got myself a Marc Jacobs Daisy Garland, a limited edition that was launched early this year. It's light and girlish! I love the scent, a mixed of fruits, floral, musk, vanilla and white woods, really refreshing. However, it isn't that long lasting compares to other fragrances I own. Nevertheless, it's still my favourite scent for this spring/summer.

5 July 2010

July Is The Month

I'm still here. Busy with work and the wed preparation. I can't believe it's already 5th July! Our big day is just 26 days away.

My Badgley Mischka shoes are here. I ordered them from Endless and got them shipped to Mr.Fi's hotel. He's home finally after 2 weeks in the US for business. I ordered 8M instead of my regular 7.5M because I really love the shoes and 7.5M are out of stock. I was worried they will be too big for me but when I put them on, they fit perfectly! They're really comfy and so beautiful. My original plan was to get the Jimmy Choo I saw a few months ago but the heels are 4". I love Louboutin high heels but I can't imagine myself in them for almost the entire day. So, I tried hunting down bridal shoes that have 3" or below heels. And I found these, which are below 3" and below my budget!

Choosing my dress wasn't easy. I've been to a few places with our wedding planner and found nothing I like (Mr.Fi is as picky as I'm. He found his dream suit in the US). When she showed me the design of a Polish bridal dress designer, I fell in love with her dresses instantly! It was hard to make the final decision which one I was going to for. It's a made to measure dress and it's arrived last week. I haven't had time to pick it up. I can't wait to see it.