29 August 2011

Tory Burch Reva

Tory Burch Reva leather flats were on my 'lemming list' for quite sometime. I always checked Net-A-Porter and MyTheresa, hoping my size would be available but I was never that lucky.

I was browsing Outnet one morning (I do this almost everyday but never found anything I want) and saw they had plenty of Reva on stocks! I quickly went through the colours and found lizard print leather in olive and black. I quickly added a pair of black to my chart, upon checkout, I got a message from Outnet that my size 7.5 have been sold out! I tried to add the olive one to the chart, checkout and they're mine! I had mixed feelings at that time that the 7.5 might not fit - I'm an EU38, I usually fit in US7.5 or US8. After reading so many posts on a forum, I decided to go for a US7.5 and they fit perfecly.

Here's my new Reva. They're new and do pitch a little but not too much. I believe I just need to break them in and they'll be one of the most comfortable flats I own. Have I mentioned that I really like the gold medallion?

Do you own any Tory Burch flats? How do you like them?

18 August 2011

What Do You Wear?

While waiting for our lunch to be served at the restaurant, hubby was playing with the camera and asked, 'Show me what you are wearing today?' and took this picture.

I wear my e-ring and wedding band everyday. Tiffany heart-tag charm bracelet (I also have the matching necklace) that hubby bought me in 2008. Pandora bracelet which I got last year and am still collecting the charms. DKNY Tachymeter Chronograph watch with white leather strap. I saw this at Frankfurt airport in February and I just had to get it. I like big watches especially those from Michael Korrs but most of them are way too big for my skinny wrists. 

What do you wear?

17 August 2011

Happiness Is...

seeing this cute little creature

16 August 2011

Bratislava For M&M's Wedding

We went to Bratislava two weeks ago to attend a good old friend's wedding. We arrived in the hotel after spending 40mins driving around, looking for a secure car park nearby the hotel. The room was clean and newly renovated. Hubby and I didn't pass out on the bed after the long hour drive, we went out for a walk in the old town and looking for food instead. Unfortunately all the restaurants except for McDonald's and some fast food places were closed. We were thinking of some nice dinner and a glass of good wine. I guess 11:40pm was a bit too late for dinner! I only had a slice of not-so-great pizza.

14 August 2011

Berlin Part 2: Sight-seeing, Shopping & Everything Else...

We spent our entire Saturday shopping since the most of the shops are closed on Sundays. I was really disappointed when the Chanel WOC I wanted to get was out of stock in both stores. I really didn't have the mood to continue shopping. I was hoping I'd find it there since there's no Chanel store in Prague.

We went to the infamous KaDeWe. I only bought a Tissot watch and we went for lunch at the food court (they've great food but it wasn't the cheapest lunch). M was the one who enjoyed shopping this time. I only got some Essence and P2 nail polishes from DM. Chanel disappointed me but at least I found the YSL Arty ring I wanted in my size. I also picked up some stuffs from Karen Millen.

8 August 2011

Berlin Part 1: On Our Anniversary

I've always wanted to visit Berlin. M suggested Milan for our anniversary weekend but I told him I was too lazy to fly - that happens if you're a frequent flyer, I guess! I was thinking of some Czech cities where I could enjoy a weekend at the spa, getting pampered, drinking wine and doing nothing! He's not so keen to spend our anniversary weekend in the country so he thought Berlin would be a good idea.

He booked us a room at Kempinski Bristol, located right at Kurf├╝rstendamm. Since it's my first time there, I had no idea what's there. When I looked up on google, I found out Ku'damm is some sort of 'shopping district'. M said the main reasons why he chose Kempinski because we're picky with accommodation and I could shop! M enjoys shopping but he couldn't stand shopping with me. It's not because he has to pay for me, it's because I could spend more than an hour at one store and I could shop non-stop for hours!

5 August 2011

Berlin... to be continued

Berlin was fun despite the horrible weather - it was raining all the time and the sun was only out on our departure day.

I will write more when I'm back on Sunday :) We're leaving for Bratislava today to attend an old friend's wedding. I'm really excited for her... We got to know each other through our ex-boyfriends - yes, they're best buddies. After we broke up, we found ourselves Slovak boys - it wasn't on purpose, I swear! Now I've been married to mine for over a year and she's getting married with hers tomorrow! She's the only friend in Finland I still keep in touch with and we try seeing each other every summer.

Have a nice weekend, loves. See you soon! <3