31 July 2011

Our First Anniversary

M and I still couldn't believe it's already been a year since we both said 'I do'.

Happy anniversary, darling. Thank you for being such a wonderful and a perfect husband.  <3

29 July 2011

NOTD: Essence You're A Heartbreaker

I finally have the chance to try this beauty today.

You're A Heartbreaker is one of the nail polishes from Essence's last collection - 50's Girls Reloaded. This is my  most favourite shade among the ones I've mentioned in my previous post. Essence is very generous this time with the 15ml bottle (the usual limited collection nail polishes are around 7ml) without increasing the price - I paid 39,90CZK (approx. EUR1,60) for each of them.

This steel blue shade has grey undertone with shimmers. The application was surprisingly easy after the second  coat - the first coat was pretty sheer. Here's a quick snap of the colour. The photo doesn't justify how beautiful the colour is!

22 July 2011

Essence 50's Girls Reloaded

I've said this a hundred times that I love Essence nail polishes. I went to the drugstore a few days ago, hoping I'd be able to find some nail polishes from Essence Ballerina Backstage collection. As usual, it's not available (am not sure if they're sold out or the collection was never released here). But the 50's Girls Reloaded collection is out.

I only picked up 4 nail polishes since I'm not a fan of their cosmetics. The only colour I didn't buy was ahoy! which is white in colour. They all come in a 15ml bottle.

From left: I’m a marine girl, You're a heartbreaker, Love me tender and Back to the 50’s

19 July 2011

NOTD: Essence Forget-Me-Not

I'm a big fan of Essence nail polish. I'm not into their other products at all but their nail polishes are one of the best I've tried so far. They're long-lasting, fast drying, come in fun colours and they're cheap!

I've had Forget Me Not from the Blossom Etc collection sitting in my drawer for quite sometime. It has shimmer in the bottle but when applied, it looks creme. The application was very easy - no streaks, two coats and I finished it with Essie Good To Go top coat.

I was wearing this colour for 3 days without chipping. I was really impressed. I only changed my nails colours today because of a business meeting. One of my male colleagues jokingly asking me if I was cold yesterday. Cold? It's freaking 28°C outside.'Oh, your nails are BLUE. I thought you're cold...'

I just picked up some more colours from Essence latest collection 50's Girls Reloaded yesterday. Will post the swatches soon :)

9 July 2011

I love...

How's everyone's weekend so far? I spent mine at home whole day watching Fringe season 3 and Harry Potter 6 (Part 1) despite the lovely weather outside.

I picked up some I love... products from Douglas yesterday. I've seen them around before but never bothered to try them simply because I've never heard of this brand before! The SA convinced me these are great products and I should give them a try. They smell heavenly! I'm now using the strawberries & milkshake bubble bath and vanilla & ice cream body butter. I'm pleased with them so far. I'm yet to try the mango & papaya lip balm.

Have you tried I love...?

6 July 2011

A Productive Extra Long Weekend

Hi everyone! I haven't been very active on this blog lately, you know the usual reason - am too busy with work!

We're having a short working week :) Tuesday and Wednesday are bank holidays here. M and I finally get to rest. I've been busy in the kitchen making homemade strawberry jam, baking my favourite Finnish cinnamon rolls (pulla) and today I made matcha ice-cream!

I love summers. With the longer and warmer days, it always motivates me to start doing what I enjoy the most - baking and crafting. I didn't have a chance to do so last year because of our wedding planning.

It's the strawberries season. We've been talking about going strawberry picking at the nearest strawberry farm but M didn't quite like the idea. We ended up buying 2.5kg of fresh picked strawberries on Monday and made our own jam. I'm glad how it turned out.
The strawberries go great with the matcha ice-cream. Now I'm thinking about making strawberry sorbet.