19 January 2012

On Vacation Mode

Mr.M and I are flying to Asia for our winter vacation today. I can't wait to get out of this ugly weather - rain, snow, rain, and more rain here. I'll be back in 2 weeks ;)

14 January 2012

The Weekend!

It started snowing yesterday. Mr.M and I went shopping and I finally got to wear my sunnies again! It was sunny but freezing when we left home. He was laughing at my photo, saying the reflection on my glasses looked like bird's dropping! Men!

1/ Loving my Prada sunnies and Burberry scarf.
2/ Took my new Sorel boots out today. They keep my feet warm and happy. They run small. I have to get them in EU39 - I'm a EU38.
3/ Pink Prada Saffiano credit card holder is finally out of the box.
4/ We went Le Creuset to pick up a present for my mom. I wanted to add another casserole but Mr.M disagreed! I need a Cassis in my collection!

5 January 2012

My Boy

A friend recently adopted a dog from a lady who didn't care much about him. She only walked the dog twice a week, most of the time the poor thing was in his crate - simply because she didn't have time! I don't understand why people keep a dog if they are not able to spend time, give love and care for one?

 It took me over a year to decide getting a dog. Both Mr.M and I are not eligible to adopt any dogs from the shelters because neither one of us holds a Czech permanent residency. I did a lot of research, looking for the perfect breed that matched our lifestyle and I really like Yorkshire Terriers. Finding a reputable breeder was also a challenge since I don't read or speak any Czech language. I finally found a breeder whose website was also in English and she lives 20 mins drive from us via a Czech Republic Yorkshire Terrier board. I went to the website and saw puppy #6, emailed the breeder if we could see him.

When I first saw Sandy who was almost 3 months old at that time, I wasn't sure if I wanted him! He was such a naughty little thing, running around and grabbing toys from the older Yorkies. Mr.M was in love with him! We spent an hour at the breeder's, she asked us a lot of questions - to make sure we were the right parents for her puppy. We had more than a week to think about if we wanted to take the puppy. And I'm glad, we returned and brought Sandy home on 19 November 2009. The rest was history :)

1/ Sandy and his favourite toy - Sheepie.
2/ That cute little pink tongue!
3/ *Yawns*
4/ 'Leave me alone. I want to sleeep!'

1 January 2012

Hello 2012!

Today's the first day of 2012, it also marks the last day of my year-end vacation. Back to work tomorrow! In less than 3 weeks time, Mr.M and I will be flying to somewhere warmer for our winter vacation. I can't wait :)

We have been celebrating the New Year at home for the second year now. We started with NYE dinner and plenty of wine. There was more finger food, champagne and wine.

1/ Homemade raisins & rum truffles coated with coconut, roasted almond flakes and cocoa powder.
2/ Christmas cookies, olives, Swiss cheese...
3/ Counting down... I fell asleep around 10ish but woke up 10mins before the New Year.
4/ Watching the Prague fireworks show on the telly.