11 April 2014

New Blog

I've moved.

15 March 2013

2013 So Far...


1/ A new year, a new Smythson diary.
2/ Bought 30 Day Shred in 2012 but I have only started working out early this year after quitting the gym in 2010. I could already see the results.
3/ Eating healthier.
4/ There's so much snow in Prague this year.

1/ It's vacation time again! Loving my old pink Longchamp.
2/ Sunbathing under the shade and I still managed to get a pretty bad sunburn.
3/ Mr M and I spent a day in our hotel room, suffering from heat exhaustion and tummy problems.
4/ I turned a year older. Sipping a glass of champagne at T&Co while picking my birthday presents.

1/ Spent a long weekend in the Austrian Alps skiing.
2/ Bad weather but at least the snow wasn't as slushy as it was the day before.
3/ Skiing alone.
4/ We got free booze from the restaurant where we had our lunch everyday. 

31 December 2012

Bye-bye 2012

2013 is just 4 hours away! I'd like to wish you an early Happy New Year! 

2012 hasn't been that great for me so far and I hope 2013 will be a better year for me and everyone!

The hubs and I aren't doing anything special this evening. We're staying at home with some home cooked meal (he's cooking!) and enjoying a bottle of Bordeaux red and champagne.

10 December 2012


Road trip. Italy. July 2012.

1/ In Pisa.
2/ Venice, a beautiful city.
3/ Our new car arrived a day before our trip!
4/ Some of my hauls from Florence.

26 November 2012

Budapest, Hungary

M and I went to Budapest for the first time two weeks ago. It was a relaxing long weekend at a spa resort. Most of the time we're in the thermal pools, at the saunas, massage... and enjoying great food. We didn't get to explore the city much since we only left the resort in the afternoon to go for a few hours walk. But I know we will be back again soon.

1/ Budapest Heroes Square.
2/ The very old metro systems in Budapest.
3/ Waiting for our spa treatment.
4/ Great food at Hungarikum Bisztro. We also tried Borkonyha Winekitchen.

10 October 2012

I'm Still... Here

It's been more than 4 months since I last updated this blog. 2012 hasn't been that great for me so far - the surgery, health issues, blah blah... When I'm not working, I spend most of my time at home, watching the telly or doing nothing.

My parents came visiting us in July and we went to Italy together. I've heaps of photos still sitting in my memory card waiting to be edited.

Hubby and I were in the US for a short trip. We just returned to Prague on Monday. I'm so ready to move there but he's not even though he calls DC his second home!

10 May 2012


I haven't been around much. I had a surgery last Friday and now back at home, resting and on medical leave for more than 2 1/2 weeks.

I'm more active on Instagram though ;) Feel free to add me - noiselet.

13 April 2012

I Can't Wait...

for the weekend to begin! It's Friday again. I hope your week has been a good, if not a great one. This is a short week for us since Monday was a bank holiday.

Mr.M and I spent a great Easter break with our friends in Cesky Krumlov. I've always wanted to visit that place and was really excited when Mr.M suggest a weekend trip there. It's a beautiful little town. I was glad we went there in the beginning of the season because there weren't that many tourists.

I have more photos on my dSLR camera. I'll try to upload them this weekend ;) Here are some sneak peak for now. Have a nice weekend!

1/ View from the tower.
2/ It's like a fairytale land.
3/ Snow in April. At the Easter market.
4/ Our first dinner in Cesky Krumlov at medieval style restaurant - just because everything else was closed.

6 April 2012


It's already April, and long Easter weekend. Spring is in the air, so are pollens. I just got back from Vienna yesterday. It was a short business trip and a fruitful one ;) I've been to Vienna many times and will never get tired of the city. There are so much to see!

1/ Horse carriages outside St. Stephen's Cathedral.
2/ Outside the famous Cafe Mozart.
3/ Got this YSL Rouge Volupte in #29 at the airport duty-free shop. I was hoping to buy the new colours from Chanel Rouge Coco but the shop doesn't even have the new collections.
4/ A guilty pleasure from Chanel ;)

21 March 2012

Life So Far

I've been... very busy with work and enjoying life (not so much because spring is here!). I went to see my immunologist last week and got the prescription for my allergies. I'm probably the only person you know who hates spring with a passion.

The only thing I like about spring is the days are longer and the weather gets warmer. So there come my inspiration and creativity. I started my craft projects, hopefully it will not take ages to complete them this time. I also re-arranged my craft room, threw away junks (I wonder why I even collected them in the first place)...

1/ Made 3 new cushions. I bought those home deco fabrics from Stockholm ages ago.
2/ Little boy loves the cushions.
3/ The stuffs on my board were gifts from Japan, except for the Hello Kitty calendar I got from M&S last year. Oh, my new Janome rocks!
4/ All the way from Paris. Mariage Freres Marco Polo is my most favourite tea in the world.