18 April 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Raspberry Festival

I love Raspberry Festival. It was one of the colours from China Glaze Summer Days collection in 2009. The other favourite of mine is Strawberry Fields which was from the same collection

Raspberry Festival is a jelly-like vibrant red with glass flecks. The picture doesn't justify how beautiful this polish is. The formula is great! Not only is the application easy, the polish dries fast too.

If you like vibrant red and glass flecks polish, this one is a must for your collection. You won't be disappointed!

16 April 2011

Review: Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control

I had a 20% discount voucher to spend at Sephora last month. I picked up 2 Essie top coats and a Bare Essentials Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control. I've never tried any face primer before besides Smashbox Primer that broke me out, I decided to give this one a try.

14 April 2011

NOTD: Essence Must-Have

I bought this nail polish a few months ago but haven't had the chance to try it out because I was more into something brighter.

Multi Dimension XXXL Shine nail polish is another great line from Essence. Must-Have is a gunmental grey with shimmers. It looks similar to Chanel Black Pearl in the bottle but I can't really say if it's a dupe since I don't own Black Pearl.

I applied 2 coats of this and finished with a coat of Seche Vite.

13 April 2011

My Beauty Diary Natto Mask

My sister brought home plenty of My Beauty Diary masks when she went to Taipei for vacation in December. I managed to *steal* a few from her, one of them is the Natto mask.

According to My Beauty Diary, the natto masks offer nourishment and is highly effective in moisture retention. The sheet has a very faint smell of natto and it didn't bother me.

The sheet is thinner then other sheet masks I've tried before. There was plenty of essence on the mask and was little messy when the essence dripped as I put the mask on. I left it on for about 30mins. After removing the mask from my face, I put it on my neck for another 10mins. I slowly massaged and patted the remaining essence on my face dry.

The mask did what it say - moisturing and firming. My face was soft and moistured after using it. I could also feel the firmness on my skin. I used the mask before going to bed and I skipped my night moisturiser. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was still moistured after 8 hours and it wasn't oily.

It's my first MBD mask and definitely wouldn't be the last.

11 April 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Rouge Coco Shine is Chanel's new lipstick collection. Coco Shine lipsticks are sheer, hydrating and give shine. They were already available here at the counters (at least at Sephora) before April but I didn't buy any of them because I refuse paying for Chanel in retail price (they're approximately US$50/each here!).

Boy, Aventure, Liberte

I picked up 3 colours - the infamous Boy, Aventure and Liberte from the duty-free shop in Brussels Airport last week (they're 23,60EUR each). When I first swatched Boy, I knew I must get it. It's a beautiful sheer light mauve pink.

Aventure is a cute shimmering strawberry pink for me. It's my most favourite among them all. I can't resist pink lipsticks. I'm thinking of getting Evasion next :)

I love coral/peachy tone lipsticks for summer. I was glad to find Liberte, a peachy coral tone with shimmers. I already see myself wearing this a lot in the summer.

They feel like tinted lipbalm on the lips. I find them very moisturising and don't dry up my lips. Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks also have rose fragrance (not really a fan of it). Since they're sheer, I don't expect them to be long-lasting.

Overall, they're great, no doubt I'll re-purchase.

9 April 2011

Love Duty-Free, Hate Spring!

I've had a hectic and tiring week but it's so good to be home finally :)

Besides the 1kg Belgian chocolates, I also brought home some duty-free stuffs like Longchamp le pliage 2011 Spring Limited Edition Arbre de Vie and 3 Chanel Coco Shine lipsticks.

I was lucky to grab the last medium size Arbre de Vie as the SA told me they only have 1 size in stock. Well, I guess my sister is the lucky one because I bought it for her!

I fell in love with Coco shine the first time I saw and swatched them at Sephora a few weeks ago. I got myself Boy, Liberte and Aventure. They're so pretty and I know I'll be getting more of these.

I hate spring. My spring allergy came back a week ago and it's getting worse today. My eyes are itchy, I'm coughing and I've stuffy nose! The birch pollen season started last weekend and will end sometime in May. It's my worst enemy, making my life pretty difficult because it also causes food cross-reaction. I can't eat apples, pears, apricots and the list goes on. It sucks to be me... *lol*

Most people love spring, Sandy is spring lover. He enjoys the sun, he'll go to chase the birds in the garden... It's so cute to find my dog 'sunbathing' :)

5 April 2011

In Brussels

Blogging from Brussels! Am here for work again this week. Had a little haul at the airport duty-free :) Will show you what I got :D

Speak to you again the end of this week. xoxo.

1 April 2011

March Favourites

It's April! Can you believe it? NYE seems like it was yesterday for me.

I did a spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago. I threw away plenty of skin care products, bath products and cosmetics I didn't use anymore. Some of them are surprisingly a few years old. Yikes.

Here is a list of beauty products I use almost everyday in March. Some are new, some are not :)

MAC New Spirit Lipglass
This lipglass was part of MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection in 2009. I found it at my nearest MAC store last December. New Spirit is a light coral shade with shimmers. I like wearing it on the top of MAC Hug Me or MAC Ever Hip lipsticks.

Bare Essentials Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control
I'm not sure why this product received so many negative feedbacks on MUA. I love it. My makeup stays longer and it doesn't break me out. I shall write a review on this one soon.

L'OCCITANE Rose des Neiges Hand Cream
Love this hand cream so so much. My review here.

Chanel Rouge Coco Jersey Rose
I love this! I'm a big fan of pink lipsticks that have slightly peachy tone.

MAC Powder Blush Cubic
This is one of my favourite from MAC. It looks natural on me and it's a very subtle shade. I've been using the same blush at least 4x a week :)

Hubby and I are going for a weekend getaway with some friends :) I wish you a great weekend!