13 April 2012

I Can't Wait...

for the weekend to begin! It's Friday again. I hope your week has been a good, if not a great one. This is a short week for us since Monday was a bank holiday.

Mr.M and I spent a great Easter break with our friends in Cesky Krumlov. I've always wanted to visit that place and was really excited when Mr.M suggest a weekend trip there. It's a beautiful little town. I was glad we went there in the beginning of the season because there weren't that many tourists.

I have more photos on my dSLR camera. I'll try to upload them this weekend ;) Here are some sneak peak for now. Have a nice weekend!

1/ View from the tower.
2/ It's like a fairytale land.
3/ Snow in April. At the Easter market.
4/ Our first dinner in Cesky Krumlov at medieval style restaurant - just because everything else was closed.

6 April 2012


It's already April, and long Easter weekend. Spring is in the air, so are pollens. I just got back from Vienna yesterday. It was a short business trip and a fruitful one ;) I've been to Vienna many times and will never get tired of the city. There are so much to see!

1/ Horse carriages outside St. Stephen's Cathedral.
2/ Outside the famous Cafe Mozart.
3/ Got this YSL Rouge Volupte in #29 at the airport duty-free shop. I was hoping to buy the new colours from Chanel Rouge Coco but the shop doesn't even have the new collections.
4/ A guilty pleasure from Chanel ;)