28 June 2011

My Marc By Marc Jacobs Natasha bag arrived last Thursday. It is smaller than I thought but is big enough as a casual bag.

Net-A-Porter black signature box always excites me :D

Natasha in taupe. The leather is so soft.

Now I can't wait to take this baby out :) 

26 June 2011

Holiday Loot!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I spent my entire Saturday morning cleaning and we went for Korean BBQ dinner with some friends. I was supposed to have a session of massage therapy this afternoon but had to cancel it due to my second migraine this week.

We did a lot of shopping in Malaysia. I only picked up a couple of stuffs though. Some nail polish from The Face Shop and Skin Food, My Beauty Dairy Black Pearl masks and Neutrogena face wash which isn't available here. I went to Sephora, hoping I'd be able to get some UD 24/7 eyeliners but the colours I wanted to get weren't available. In the end, I only bought Duo Eyelash Adhesive Glue and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

We went to KLCC on our first afternoon in KL. I spent more than 2hrs at Kinokuniya. Looking for Japanese craft books was the only reason why I was there. I love crafting but I haven't had any time for it since last year. I'm hoping I'll be more productive this summer and finish the quilt project I started in 2009!

I also picked up 2 beauty magazines and some cooking books. I do read Chinese but am not good. The cooking books are also in English and with some illustrations, that shouldn't be a problem even for someone who doesn't read Chinese.

We went to Pavilion a lot since it's just next to our hotel. Coach was having season sale at that time. M and I went to check out the bags but we didn't find anything nice for me. All my Coach were bought from the US and UK since they're not available here. I was lucky to find this cross-body swing pack at the airport. It's big enough to carry my Coach wristlet, iPhone, Blackberry ad even my Prada sunnies fit in there.

20 June 2011

Net-A-Porter 50% Sale

I received Net-A-Porter end of season sale  email notification an hour ago. I've been waiting for this forever!! My first check was of course the shoes section. Unfortunately I didn't find any Bloch and Tory Burch shoes I like. I then came across Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha cross-body bags. I need a cross-body in my collection! It was hard to choose between the two different colours and leather types.

I read that a lot of people were having access issue on NAP site. I too had the same problem when submitting my order but it somehow got through. I called the customer service and they're processing my order.

I'm on a 'bags ban' now. This is my third one this month! I bought a Coach when I was at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a Longchamp (my third le pliage - in pink!) at Schiphol.

19 June 2011


Work's been keeping me so busy after we came back from Malaysia. I was on business trip again last week. One good thing is that there's no more business travelling for me in summer! I've been flying every week for the past 6 weeks. It's really tiring! I finally had time to sit down and uploaded our vacation from the memory card this morning. We took heaps of photos but I only managed to edit a couple of them - housework couldn't wait!

Our 2-week vacation in Malaysia was a great one despite some bad experiences like the lost Blackberry and the late arrival of my luggage. It was still in Schiphol when we're already in Kuala Lumpur! The airlines however did not deliver my luggage to our hotel as they said they would. I tried calling the lost luggage office in Langkawi Airport but there was no answer. Hubby and I drove to the airport (we rented a car) and saw my luggage had arrived and was standing next to the baggage carousel. Anyone could just grab and take it away. It did spoil my mood for half a day.

8 June 2011

I'm Back!!

Hello!!! I'm finally back from my vacation! We arrived on Sunday afternoon, dead tired after more than 15hrs of travelling! I passed out at 7pm and woke up 8hrs later (blame jet lag for that!).

It was a great trip. Bad things did happen though. My luggage didn't arrive until the next day. I had to go and buy some new clothes (luckily I've some clean underwears in my hand-carry bag). My company Blackberry was stolen. Now I'm waiting for the new one.

I'll post some pics this weekend ;)

For now, this is the view we saw while chilling at a rooftop bar in KL.

3 June 2011

May Favourites

It's the time for favourites of the month again.

Here is the list of my favourite, most-used products in May.

MAC Mineralize Blush - Nuance
I got this blush in 2008 from Sonic Chic collection. Nuance is a peach colour. It looks 'orange' in pan but when applied, it's a beautiful sheer peach with a hint of pink and gold sheen.