21 March 2012

Life So Far

I've been... very busy with work and enjoying life (not so much because spring is here!). I went to see my immunologist last week and got the prescription for my allergies. I'm probably the only person you know who hates spring with a passion.

The only thing I like about spring is the days are longer and the weather gets warmer. So there come my inspiration and creativity. I started my craft projects, hopefully it will not take ages to complete them this time. I also re-arranged my craft room, threw away junks (I wonder why I even collected them in the first place)...

1/ Made 3 new cushions. I bought those home deco fabrics from Stockholm ages ago.
2/ Little boy loves the cushions.
3/ The stuffs on my board were gifts from Japan, except for the Hello Kitty calendar I got from M&S last year. Oh, my new Janome rocks!
4/ All the way from Paris. Mariage Freres Marco Polo is my most favourite tea in the world.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I LOVE the peek at your craft room! It's so cute and fun!! And wow to the pillows!

    xo, sam