15 May 2010

April/May MAC Hauls

I told myself I wasn't going to spend more money on cosmetics after our 2 weeks vacation in Asia. I just couldn't help it. May is always my most favourite month of the year because that's when I receive my annual bonus. I've worked really hard last year with no summer vacations and lots of overtime. I only took a week off from work to visit my family in Australia in October. So, I think I deserved to pamper myself (there's always a good excuse/reason to spend money buying MAC *lol*).

TF (the fiancé) was on his second business trip in the US early April. I wrote him a small list what to bring for me. Since he was going to be in Las Vegas for a week, I thought he could check out the CCO for me. In the end, as expected, he didn't make it to the CCO but he brought home Ever Hip lipstick, Pro Palette Blush, Brow Set and Cantaloupe blush.

Ever Hip is my most favourite lippie for spring. It is so wearable and oh so pretty. It's not easy to find colours that look good on my pigmented lips. This is also my first Cremesheen lippie from MAC, I always prefer Lustre and Amplified.

Cantaloupe is a beautiful, cantaloupe warm shade blush. I like it on my NC30/35 skin tone.

MAC Give Me Liberty of London was launched on 1st April. I only had time to stop by MAC after a week and Shell Pearl was sold out in the stores. When I first saw Blooming Lovely, I wasn't sure if I'd ever wear that colour. Like my sister said, it looks like something only Lady Gaga would wear! My MA tried it on my lips and I fell in love with the colour. I'm a blush person, I usually will grab at least one blush from LE collections. Since I already bought Dirty Plum from Hong Kong in February (Riveting wasn't available in the Czech Republic), I only grabbed Prim & Proper. The colour looks similar to Cubic blush, a permanent item but darker. I didn't have any colour like Birds & Berries in my palettes so I decided to get it. I haven't tried it yet though.

I was so looking forward to Pret a Papier collection, unfortunately they would not be available here. I guess that's why To The Beach was launched earlier on 1st May. This is a beautiful collection (love the packaging) but I only bought the blushes - Hipness and Get-Away Bronze. I already have Humid and Shimmermoss and the rest of the eyeshadows didn't really catch my eyes.

I picked up Viva Glam Gaga (my first Viva Glam lippie) and Satin Taupe after work yesterday. I always thought it's overrated. I swatched it and had my MA to try the colour on me, I actually like it!

Swatches to come in the next post.

I think MAC should go on my no-buy list for a while. The next upcoming collection for us is Superglass which I'm definitely going to skip.


  1. Haha girl I tell myself I won't but stuff either...but I always do anyway! It's so hard not to!

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  3. Great Haul! I love the packaging of M.A.C’s To The Beach Collection.