6 July 2010

Marc Jacobs Daisy Garland

I love fragrances. I've started buying them since I was in highschool. My first one was ...Oh! de Moschino. I still remember the scent. ;)

I don't normally buy them in retail prices, I'm cheap like that. Whenever I'm travelling either for work or holiday, I make sure I bring one (or more) home. I've never bought them online though. I've been wanting Marc Jacobs Diasy for a while. I got some gift vouchers from my best friend for Christmas last year so I decided to use them last month.

I got myself a Marc Jacobs Daisy Garland, a limited edition that was launched early this year. It's light and girlish! I love the scent, a mixed of fruits, floral, musk, vanilla and white woods, really refreshing. However, it isn't that long lasting compares to other fragrances I own. Nevertheless, it's still my favourite scent for this spring/summer.

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