27 February 2011

A Year Older!

It was my birthday yesterday. Hubby took me shopping, massage and dinner. It was a relaxing day :) As usual, I bought myself another designer handbag for my birthday. How original can I be :D

Brought this baby home from LV yesterday. I've always wanted a Speedy 30 but whenever I was at LV, I always walked away with something else! I never knew I'd be in love with Damier Ebene until I bought my Neverful MM last year. Here it is... my new handbag!

It wasn't the only handbag I've received for my birthday this year. My sister gave me a Coach pouch and I've a MIU MIU clutch coming my way from Net-A-Porter :) Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow!

Will put up some pics when I'm back from the business trip next Thursday. I've so many things on my to-do-list. On the top of it is to prepare for my next certification exam in two weeks!


  1. OMG love it!!! I want this exact bag. My birthday is March 3rd, and I should be getting one for my birthday too. :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! The LV is gorgeous :D