22 July 2011

Essence 50's Girls Reloaded

I've said this a hundred times that I love Essence nail polishes. I went to the drugstore a few days ago, hoping I'd be able to find some nail polishes from Essence Ballerina Backstage collection. As usual, it's not available (am not sure if they're sold out or the collection was never released here). But the 50's Girls Reloaded collection is out.

I only picked up 4 nail polishes since I'm not a fan of their cosmetics. The only colour I didn't buy was ahoy! which is white in colour. They all come in a 15ml bottle.

From left: I’m a marine girl, You're a heartbreaker, Love me tender and Back to the 50’s

I also picked up a nail polish in Welcome To The Jungle from Catrice's latest collection - Papagena.

Swatches will follow next week :) The weather has been cold, gloomy and rainy this week. The lighting is pretty bad to take a decent photo.

We're spending the weekend at the in-laws'. Unfortunately the weatherman said it will be a rainy weekend. :(

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love you're a heartbreaker. It looks stunning applied on the nails.

  2. That's the first colour I picked up. It's already stunning in the bottle. Now I can't wait to try it.

  3. I've recently tried Essence makeup and nail polishes b/c of you. I love the polishes and their lipglosses are amazing. Best of all, they're so CHEAP...

  4. Papagena and “I’m a marine girl” are cool colors and the red one is a classic :) Nice choices! The weather is not so great in Sweden either, lets hope for better for tomorrow :) XO

  5. Mara: I'm glad I kinda 'influenced' you to try Essence! :D

    Nicky: I guess the summer isn't that great in Europe this year... We'll be spending a long weekend in Berlin but the weather doesn't look good at all.

  6. Ballerina has not arrived to the country yet and I have my doubts it will appear... :(
    Nice haul, btw!

  7. I saw Ballerina in Berlin last weekend. I only bought 2 of the nail polishes. I also managed to grab some polishes from nails in style too.