27 October 2011

A Little Update!

I haven't had time to post any entries or reply to your comments. Sandy fell sick last Friday and he couldn't stand  up when I checked on him on early Monday morning. It scared me. We rushed him to the vet and found out he had a bacterial infection. After 4 jabs, he's back to himself again in the evening - eating and running.

We're having a long weekend. Will be visiting the in-laws and going to do some shopping in Vienna.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget my first blog giveaway which ends this Sunday. Cheers.


  1. So glad he is OK! It's so scary not knowing what is wrong. :( Glad they figured it out before anything bad happened.

  2. Oh no! Poor pup! Glad Sandy is doing better. What a cutie pie!

    xo, sam

  3. Aww poor puppy. Glad to hear he's ok now.

  4. Good that Sandy is feeling better now. I understand your worries, it must have been terrible to see him like that.
    Enjoy your weekend.