5 January 2012

My Boy

A friend recently adopted a dog from a lady who didn't care much about him. She only walked the dog twice a week, most of the time the poor thing was in his crate - simply because she didn't have time! I don't understand why people keep a dog if they are not able to spend time, give love and care for one?

 It took me over a year to decide getting a dog. Both Mr.M and I are not eligible to adopt any dogs from the shelters because neither one of us holds a Czech permanent residency. I did a lot of research, looking for the perfect breed that matched our lifestyle and I really like Yorkshire Terriers. Finding a reputable breeder was also a challenge since I don't read or speak any Czech language. I finally found a breeder whose website was also in English and she lives 20 mins drive from us via a Czech Republic Yorkshire Terrier board. I went to the website and saw puppy #6, emailed the breeder if we could see him.

When I first saw Sandy who was almost 3 months old at that time, I wasn't sure if I wanted him! He was such a naughty little thing, running around and grabbing toys from the older Yorkies. Mr.M was in love with him! We spent an hour at the breeder's, she asked us a lot of questions - to make sure we were the right parents for her puppy. We had more than a week to think about if we wanted to take the puppy. And I'm glad, we returned and brought Sandy home on 19 November 2009. The rest was history :)

1/ Sandy and his favourite toy - Sheepie.
2/ That cute little pink tongue!
3/ *Yawns*
4/ 'Leave me alone. I want to sleeep!'


  1. Awwww...what a lovely story .
    Both of us got our fur kids in 2009. I adopted my cat in june 2009.
    She is a really wild and naughty cat. Sometimes I wish she would be a cuddling type of cat.
    But she is girl and female cats always have a very "special" charackter ;)

  2. lovely dog!!!! you have a good heart.
    i believe u 'll take good care of the cute puppy.

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  3. Your boy is just too adorable!! <3

    xo, sam

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  4. Oh my god what a cutie! :) XO