15 March 2013

2013 So Far...


1/ A new year, a new Smythson diary.
2/ Bought 30 Day Shred in 2012 but I have only started working out early this year after quitting the gym in 2010. I could already see the results.
3/ Eating healthier.
4/ There's so much snow in Prague this year.

1/ It's vacation time again! Loving my old pink Longchamp.
2/ Sunbathing under the shade and I still managed to get a pretty bad sunburn.
3/ Mr M and I spent a day in our hotel room, suffering from heat exhaustion and tummy problems.
4/ I turned a year older. Sipping a glass of champagne at T&Co while picking my birthday presents.

1/ Spent a long weekend in the Austrian Alps skiing.
2/ Bad weather but at least the snow wasn't as slushy as it was the day before.
3/ Skiing alone.
4/ We got free booze from the restaurant where we had our lunch everyday. 


  1. Nice Pictures! I hope you liked skiing in Austria!
    And I must say those hotel room sheets from February look lovely! And of course who wouldn't love to pick out presents at Tiffany & CO!!!

  2. Hi Just found your blog, your pictures look gorgeous, looks like you have a lovely life! xx