19 September 2010

A Day To Remember

After 3 1/2 years together, months of planning, lots of discussions and arguments, M and I have finally tied the knot on 31 July 2010. A special day surrounded by our loved ones, full of tears of joy, laughter and fun. It was one of the unforgettable, happiest days in our lives.

We had a destination wedding. The ceremony was held in a chapel of Slavkov Castle.

The ceremony started at 3pm, a simple religion ceremony which was beautiful and touching (I will tell you more later). It was in Czech language but our vows were in English. Our pastor speaks English fluently and he printed everything in English so that our non-Czech/Slovak speaking guests (including my family!) could understand the ceremony.

I saw tears in my dad’s eyes. I’ve never seen him cried before. I already started crying and shedding tears after the pastor announced we’re now ‘husband and wife’. An old friend came, hugging me tight and started crying. From that moment onwards, I just couldn’t be bothered my makeup if it was going to ruined.

Unlike what our guests referred to as a 'typical Czech/Slovak 'village' wedding', we had our reception and after dinner party at Comsa Brno Palace Hotel where we stayed on the wedding night. Our wedding planners called it 'an international wedding'. The reception didn’t start until 7:15pm. We had 5 courses. I’ve to say, we’re really pleased with the quality of the food. I’m not a goat cheese person but I really enjoyed the salad course. The lamb shank was our wedding planner’s idea and we’re so glad we went for it.

We didn't see our cake until the wedding day. It's exactly how I wanted it to be, the simple design, the flavours, everything was perfect. We had faith in our wedding planners, we knew they wouldn't disappoint us! I somehow felt they've delivered more than what we've paid them for!We've been married for 7 weeks. People often ask us how do we feel before and after the wedding. To be honest, nothing has changed, not even my last name because we’ve agreed on keeping it.

After all these years, M sometimes still looks at me and says, 'How can this be possible? You were 'hanging up side down in Australia' and you came all the way to Europe for Mr.Snowman (my ex before M) and you ended up here in CZ with ME.' I guess that's what they call, a destiny.


  1. Congratulations to you and your husband!

  2. congrats! and your cake is so beautiful!