9 April 2011

Love Duty-Free, Hate Spring!

I've had a hectic and tiring week but it's so good to be home finally :)

Besides the 1kg Belgian chocolates, I also brought home some duty-free stuffs like Longchamp le pliage 2011 Spring Limited Edition Arbre de Vie and 3 Chanel Coco Shine lipsticks.

I was lucky to grab the last medium size Arbre de Vie as the SA told me they only have 1 size in stock. Well, I guess my sister is the lucky one because I bought it for her!

I fell in love with Coco shine the first time I saw and swatched them at Sephora a few weeks ago. I got myself Boy, Liberte and Aventure. They're so pretty and I know I'll be getting more of these.

I hate spring. My spring allergy came back a week ago and it's getting worse today. My eyes are itchy, I'm coughing and I've stuffy nose! The birch pollen season started last weekend and will end sometime in May. It's my worst enemy, making my life pretty difficult because it also causes food cross-reaction. I can't eat apples, pears, apricots and the list goes on. It sucks to be me... *lol*

Most people love spring, Sandy is spring lover. He enjoys the sun, he'll go to chase the birds in the garden... It's so cute to find my dog 'sunbathing' :)


  1. I understand your spring hatred being allergic to pollen myself - trees blooming in spring are my worst enemy. Hate those bastards!
    Sandy is really cute. How old is he btw?
    Are you going to swatch the new Chanel lippies, maybe? I am really interested in Boy :)

  2. It's sunny today but I stayed at home! I thought I'd take photos of the swatches in the afternoon but I ended up sleeping :D Will do that tomorrow. Sandy's 20 months old :)

  3. Your Le Pliage tote is really pretty! I love the design on the front. And I hate spring allergies too - I have to take allergy medication everyday when it starts to hit me so I'm not sneezing all day -.-

  4. oh my god i have the same problem too ha ha

    i really like your yorkie! can i borrow ?? :)

  5. Rinny: I usually start taking my medication a month before spring comes but I've been very lazy lately. :/

    Rinz: He's here waiting :D