19 June 2011


Work's been keeping me so busy after we came back from Malaysia. I was on business trip again last week. One good thing is that there's no more business travelling for me in summer! I've been flying every week for the past 6 weeks. It's really tiring! I finally had time to sit down and uploaded our vacation from the memory card this morning. We took heaps of photos but I only managed to edit a couple of them - housework couldn't wait!

Our 2-week vacation in Malaysia was a great one despite some bad experiences like the lost Blackberry and the late arrival of my luggage. It was still in Schiphol when we're already in Kuala Lumpur! The airlines however did not deliver my luggage to our hotel as they said they would. I tried calling the lost luggage office in Langkawi Airport but there was no answer. Hubby and I drove to the airport (we rented a car) and saw my luggage had arrived and was standing next to the baggage carousel. Anyone could just grab and take it away. It did spoil my mood for half a day.

Anyway, back to the good experiences. Langkawi island was our first stop. I've been there twice before many years ago. We spent great 4 days on the island, sunbathing, swimming in the sea and going around the island. It's safe to drive there since the average speed limit is 60km/hr. We went on a mangrove tour and I got to pat a stingray at a fish farm!

On the way back to the jetty after the end of our Mangrove tour, our guide stopped his boat when he spotted this big guy. I've never seen a life jellyfish before - only at the aquariums, of course.

We also visited Langkawi Cable Car. Even though we go to the Alps to ski every year, I'm still afraid of getting on a cable car. I usually don't look down because my legs shake if I do!

Our hotel is about 10 mins drive from Cenang beach where we had our dinner everyday. The sunset there is just magnificent.

Our last day on the island was slow and easy. We had a spa treatment booked for me, sunbathing on the beach and collecting seashells.

It was a fun but very tiring trip. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, I tried to stay awake until 7 in the evening... passed out and woke up at 3am. Now I'm looking forward to my next vacation. We're still thinking where to go in summer. I'm hoping Rome this time if not Amsterdam.


  1. The sunset there looks beautiful. It looks like heaven on earth there. Which reminds me I need a vacay soon. :)

  2. I need another one too *lol*

  3. Wonderful pictures! Must have been a true paradise.