30 December 2011

Christmas 2011

I've been down with a bad flu since Boxing Day. I only started to feel better today - after lots of cough syrup, pills (yikes!) and Mr.M's taking extra good care of me. He makes sure I stay in the bed, drink plenty of hot tea and cooks for me. 

We spent the Christmas with Mr.M's family in Slovakia like we always do every year and came back to Prague 3 days ago. 

1/ Mama M's Christmas decoration
2/ Picked up a set of candle holders from M&S a week before Christmas. The white iittala Alvar Aalto vase was a surprise Christmas gift from Mr.M.
3/ Some of my presents for Mr.M.
4/ I bake my gingerbread thin - influenced by those days I spent in Helsinki.
5/ Mama M always has one of the best dinner set collections.