15 August 2010

Kose Junkisei Prime Mask

I went to Watson near to our hotel in Hong Kong to kill my time a few hours before leaving for the airport. M spotted some Kose Junkisei products and asked if I need them. I thought, why not? He doesn't read Chinese at all but he recognised the brand Kose because I am using a few Kose Sekkisei and Seikisho products.

I've never used any sheet masks before. I've been using Kose Seikisho Whitening mask for years and I love how it removes all the yucky black/white heads.

I found Junkisei Prime Mask highly effective masks. I left the mask on for 15mins, it left my skin hydrated, soft and not irritated! Junkisei line is suitable for sensitive skin. I like the scent too.

I've to Google the instructions in English to make sure I was doing the right thing. The instructions on the box are in Japanese and Chinese.

I don't remember how much I've paid for the box. I remember it was quite cheap. You can find Junkisei line at Sasa online.

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