7 December 2010

Christmas Is In The Air

Like most of the European countries, CZ is also experiencing unusual cold winter this year. I moved here in 2006 and have never seen so much snow in Prague before. It started snowing on 27 November. It came really early this year.

Hubby and I spent our weekend in Vienna. I've been to Vienna a few times before but was never there in winter. The Christmas markets are 'must-see' in Vienna. We went to the one in Rathausplatz where you get to see the infamous - heart tree. It's really.... cute! I tried taking photos of the tree but they turned out crappy. I only brought my 18-55mm lens with me and left the 55-200mm at home. I was too lazy to carry my camera bag.

We only spent around an hour at the Christmas market, got our punsch and langos, bought some cookies and we went to a restaurant for some Viennese cuisine. It was -8°C that evening. Brrr... cold!

Here are some of my favourite photos I've taken :) Enjoy!

It's really crowded there!

Lovely ornaments. The price started as low as 1

I wish I could have bought one of these

My favourite shot - Rathausplatz

My punsch and langos.

2,40€/100g for these yummy cookies.


  1. Super gorgeous photos. I've always wanted to visit Vienna and Prague. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Kristie! :) Vienna is one of my favourite European cities. I've been there a few times but never had the chance to see what I wanted to see.