2 December 2010

My First Asos Order

I've never bought anything from Asos before.I wear EU34 for the top but EU36 for trousers/skirts. Sometimes I fit into a pair of EU34 trousers for some brands but I've to wear EU36 for others (especially Zara and Mango). That's why it's always better for me to try the clothes on before buying them.

I finally made my first Asos purchase last week. I ordered a Ri2k bag and it arrived within a week! I've never heard of Ri2k before. It's a British designer brand. I was looking for a simple bag for everyday use, something not too expensive so that I won't feel sad when it's under the snow/rain and I found it on Asos. My designer bags are back in their dustbags for the season.

It is smaller than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and is bigger than my other Coach tote. That makes it a perfect everyday bag for work.

There is plenty of room in the bag to hold my stuffs. The leather is really soft and the craftsmanship is good. The bag also comes with a detachable across body strap but I'm not sure if I'll ever use that. The retail price is £125.00 but it's on discount, so I paid only £64 for the bag and it's shipped free :) Asos is now offering free international shipping! The only disappointment I've is it doesn't come with a dustbag.


  1. Cute bag! It looks great for work or school. ASOS has some pretty nice things on their site :)

  2. Such a classic bag! I just made my first ASOS order recently too... and I'm literally on their site right now trying to decide if I should get anything with the most recent 20% off code. :D


  3. Hi. Where arre Ri2k bags made? Does anyone know? Thank you!!!!!!