5 August 2011

Berlin... to be continued

Berlin was fun despite the horrible weather - it was raining all the time and the sun was only out on our departure day.

I will write more when I'm back on Sunday :) We're leaving for Bratislava today to attend an old friend's wedding. I'm really excited for her... We got to know each other through our ex-boyfriends - yes, they're best buddies. After we broke up, we found ourselves Slovak boys - it wasn't on purpose, I swear! Now I've been married to mine for over a year and she's getting married with hers tomorrow! She's the only friend in Finland I still keep in touch with and we try seeing each other every summer.

Have a nice weekend, loves. See you soon! <3


  1. I love Germany in general :)))

  2. Hi dear! Your blog is amazing!
    I am a new follower!

    I would be very honored to have you in my followers!


    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower.

    I love weddings. I hope you have a great time at your friend's wedding. I also hope you can share some photos :)

  4. Missa!! Hope you had fun in Berlin - it's an amazing town! Looking forward to the next part of your post!

    xo, sam