18 August 2011

What Do You Wear?

While waiting for our lunch to be served at the restaurant, hubby was playing with the camera and asked, 'Show me what you are wearing today?' and took this picture.

I wear my e-ring and wedding band everyday. Tiffany heart-tag charm bracelet (I also have the matching necklace) that hubby bought me in 2008. Pandora bracelet which I got last year and am still collecting the charms. DKNY Tachymeter Chronograph watch with white leather strap. I saw this at Frankfurt airport in February and I just had to get it. I like big watches especially those from Michael Korrs but most of them are way too big for my skinny wrists. 

What do you wear?

1 comment:

  1. OMG!! That's so funny! (I have a jewelry post coming up soon too and I talk about my "jewelry uniform"! Great minds think alike!)

    I usually wear my e-ring and wedding band, Aggie ring, and etsy "oui" ring, my white ceramic watch, and some beaded bracelets.

    Your jewelry is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! The Tiffany and Pandora bracelet are beautiful! (I just may need to get my hands on the same!!)

    xo, sam