16 August 2011

Bratislava For M&M's Wedding

We went to Bratislava two weeks ago to attend a good old friend's wedding. We arrived in the hotel after spending 40mins driving around, looking for a secure car park nearby the hotel. The room was clean and newly renovated. Hubby and I didn't pass out on the bed after the long hour drive, we went out for a walk in the old town and looking for food instead. Unfortunately all the restaurants except for McDonald's and some fast food places were closed. We were thinking of some nice dinner and a glass of good wine. I guess 11:40pm was a bit too late for dinner! I only had a slice of not-so-great pizza.

The ceremony took place at Primate's Palace which was built in the 18th century. I haven't seen M since our wedding last year in end of July.  I started tearing up the moment (and I couldn't stop!) I saw her father walked her down the aisle. She's so beautiful as she already is. I was so happy for her. I now understood how she felt when she was at our wedding last year. I couldn't put that feelings into words.

The civil ceremony was in both Slovak and Finnish language. Since I don't speak a word of Slovak (shame on me), I did understand the Finnish translation. After the ceremony, the hosts had a surprise for us - a city tour around Bratislava in the Presporacik and dropped us off at the reception venue. We were in the 'Finland' car since we're guests from the bride's side.

The reception started after the plate breaking custom and followed by the dance and buffet party till early in the morning. The weather was perfect - sunny but not too hot.

It's so far the best wedding I've been to - we have 6 weddings to attend this year. There's one on Saturday and the last wedding will be in September. 2011 is definitely a great year for wedding, I guess ;)


  1. Wow, beautiful photos so far! I've never been to Bratislava and am very jealous!

  2. Katherine: It's a small city and to be honest, nothing much to see :D

  3. wow! soooo amazing!!!! never been to Berlin... wanna go next time :)
    im following u! <3
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