19 September 2011

H&M Loot

When I first moved to Finland from Australia in 2004, I went crazy at H&M when I first stepped in my first H&M store at Forum. I loved H&M.

I've slowly fallen out of love with H&M in these two years mainly due to the quality of H&M which  is getting worse than before. Besides, walking in a H&M store always gives me a headache, literally because they're always so unorganized and sometimes messy. That's another reason why I can't spend more than 5mins in the store. I easily lose my mood looking at their stuffs!

Nowadays, I only stop by their accessories section when I want to buy new scarves. That's one thing that I can't deny, H&M does have some nice designs. I saw they have some new stuffs for their autumn collection so I decided to have a look. I didn't expect to walk out of the store with the following items.

I really like this printed blouse. I got it in EU36 instead of my usual EU34 because I usually like my blouse a little loose. I also grabbed a scarf in similar print. It was the last one in the store.

I first saw this knit sweater on 9to5Chic. Since the weather is getting colder here and I'm getting new stuffs for my autumn/winter wardrobe (that also reminds me it's time to do a round of cleaning, getting rid of stuffs I don't wear anymore).

I was speaking to M earlier and he told me he went shopping yesterday (my husband enjoys shopping in the US and I'm hoping one day he'll take me there just to shop!). I'm so so jealous! ;) Everyone knows Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, you bet I won't be shopping much there!


  1. Have never shopped at H&M yet, they do t have one around me, but they are getting one this fall :-)

  2. Ooohh!! LOVE your new H&M finds, especially the horse print shirt! :o)

    xo, sam

  3. I love that little knit sweater as well! I want to go find one in my local store :)

  4. JennaRaeXoXo: I can't deny that sometimes H&M does have some nice stuffs in store. I just hope they can be a little bit organised.

    Sam: Thanks, hun ;) I tried the print shirt for the first time but wasn't sure if I really 'need' it but I couldn't resist the prints!

    Kath: I'm thinking about getting the navy blue one ;) am still trying to convince myself I don't need the same sweater in another colour!

  5. i love the print on that blouse and scarf! i know what you mean though, H&M can get a little messy, crazy, and intimidating because of it's size... same with Forever 21. Usually, if im in a rush or too lazy to look around, i just stay within the accessories area as well. I have several necklaces from them! :)