3 September 2011


Mr.M turned 29 yesterday. I took him out for dinner at a French restaurant last Saturday, had a date (it's been a long time since we went out for a date - blame our busy schedule). We celebrated his birthday with his brother yesterday at our favourite Italian restaurant. After the great food and a glass of chilled lambrusco, we headed home because we both were so tired and fell asleep before midnight - on a Friday evening!

I bought him a Kindle this year. I wanted to get one for last Christmas but they were backordered. He loves to read. Sometimes he also reads my Marie Claire and Cosmo ;) I'm loving the Kindle too. I've been shamelessly reading Confidential on Kindle. That was the first book we bought! I loved SVH when I was young and I read a few series of SVU.

Mr.M will be travelling to the US again for business next week. I'll have my first business travel after two months next week as well. By the time he's back after 3 weeks, I'm already in Moscow for a project. I'll only get to see him for the weekend before I fly again. I'm only at home for a week this month and will spend the rest of the weeks in Moscow and Brussels until the first week of October.

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