16 September 2011


No, I haven't forgotten this blog of mine. Work has been keeping me busy after the summer vacation period. Now I'm back to working late, business travelling, never-ending conference calls... I'm home a week only this month and am spending the other 3 weeks somewhere else. M is still in the US and I'm flying to Moscow next week. Thank heaven for having a close friend who loves my dog and doesn't mind coming over to our place to 'babysit' him until M comes back next weekend!

I'm glad it's Friday today... It's also a mail day (new issue of Marie Claire UK in my mailbox) and a dry-clean day... I was too busy to book a massage for myself this weekend, I hope they do have a free slot for me tomorrow. My back is killing me...

Have a great Friday night, everyone! I hope yours is better than mine (staying at home watching some DVDs and eating chocolates - I need them!).


  1. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! :o)

    xo, sam

  2. Staying home relaxing is sometimes the best. Hope you are doing well despite the busy schedule! Take care - whatever you are doing and wherever you are ;)

  3. Things always get so hectic when SUmmer finishes up & it is back to reality! I am loving your nail polish color in your picture xox

    I just became your newest follower. I'd love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)

    Also, we are doing a giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!



  4. Sam: Thanks! ;)
    Yarisse: I miss your blog, girl!!
    Kat: I've just stopped by your blog and loving it. Follow you back :)