28 October 2010


The weather's crazy... and I've been sick since Tuesday. I've probably caught a cold when hubby and I were on our weekend getaway in a castle some 50km from the city. Work's keeping me really busy, that explains why I've been working from home these few days even when I'm sick! I'm also preparing for my upcoming certification exam for supply chain professional. I think I'm pretty screwed because I haven't read many of the topics yet.

We had first snow on Monday for 2 mins! It can't be snowing in Oct! That's what hubby thought. When I told him, 'Look! It's snowing!' He said, 'You're dreaming. They're dandelion seeds!' When it started snowing heavier, he knew he was wrong :D I'm really not ready for the snow yet.

I've some entries waiting to be published but I need at least some daylight for a good photo because it's already dark when I'm home from work. I do have a Nikon SB-400 speedlight flash but am to lazy to look for the rechargeable batteries somewhere in the other room.

The in-laws are visiting tomorrow and our place is ugh... in a mess! Need to clean :(