2 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villain: Briar Rose Beauty Powder

I was eagerly anticipating the launch of MAC Venomous Villain and I finally saw the products in person yesterday. After seeing Kristie's swatches, I thought I'd go for Her Own Devices and Heartless. I wasn't sure about Heartless when I tried it on. Her Own Devices looks lighter than I thought and I was afraid it might not even show up on me. Devilishly Stylish, Toxic Tale and Strange Potion were eye-catchers for me. Bite Of An Apple is an unique blush but I didn't like it on me.

In the end, I went home happily with Briar Rose from Maleficent collection. It was love at first sight. I didn't have anything similar. I know it looks nothing close to Well-Dressed but it somehow reminds of me of the blush my MUA used on me on my wedding day. I knew she's used Well-Dressed but when I swatched it in the store, there's no way the blush would show up on my NC35 skin! She's probably used a darker shade under Well-Dressed.

Briar Rose is cool-tone, violet pink. It gives a very natural looks (light pink) when apply lightly on my cheeks. I think it will be great to use Briar Rose as a highlight with Stark Naked and Dollymix.


  1. I think Ireland is the only place in the world that doesn't have that collection yet!


    Anyways, I love magazine freebies. They are great! It's a shame that were you live they are not nice... :/

  2. Oh how pretty!! I wasn't going to get this but now I feel I NEED it. Haha

    Australia still doesn't have Venomous Villains, although it is released tomorrow! So excited :)

  3. Aww I really need this one..It's great. Why not in India as yet.Great post and your blog too!

  4. And yeah I'm following you..Follow back if you please.

  5. Briar Rose looks like a natural pink flush on you. Very pretty. You look very lovely and I'm glad to see a FOTD of you. No worries about being camera shy - I'm exactly the same as you :)

  6. Looks beautiful! I'm loving the Venomous Villains collection and have to admit I'd quite happily buy a lot of the items just for the fab packaging :)


  7. I love the Maleficent packaging. She's one of my favourite Disney villains :D I returned to MAC and bought Bite of An Apple and Revenge Is Sweet. I was quite surprised my store still has plenty of BOA.