11 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villain Haul

Briar Rose Beauty Powder was the only item I bought on Venomous Villain launch day. I went back to MAC again a few days later and picked up Bite Of An Apple blush and Revenge Is Sweet lipglass.
These items are the only ones I found interesting from this collection. Ok, maybe Hot House too which I'm still thinking if I should grab one. Overall, this collection is beautiful. I'm a bit disappointed with the eyeshadows though. They're not that interesting for me.

MAC has launched a few really cute collections such as Fafi, Hello Kitty, Barbie, and now the Disney Villains. I wish MAC will launch Jem collection one day. That will be awesome! :D

What did you get from this collection?


  1. Wow Bite of an apple is just awesome!!!

  2. I have asked a friend to get Her Own Devices beauty powder for me. I am still interested in Strange Potion and Revenge is Sweet lipglosses and maybe Briar Rose beauty powder. We will see about that.

  3. Rakhshanda: It's gorgeous :)

    Rosy and Angy: Thank you!

    Yarisse: Her Own Devices is beautiful but I found it to light on me. Get Briar Rose!! :D I think it's the most beautiful thing from this collection.

  4. Ugh now I wish I picked up Bite of an Apple.
    I was too late though :(

    Briar Rose looks gorgeous but seems too shimmery for me. Her Own Devices looks pinky on me, so I got it :)

  5. reeree: I wanted Her Own Devices because it looks so pretty. Unfortunately, it doesn't really show up on my skin tone.