10 October 2010

Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof

It's 10/10/10 today!! :) Happy Sunday, lovelies! It's sunny and surpringly not too cold today. DH is still in D.C this week, that explains why this weekend's been pretty boring for me. I can't wait till he's back home in a few days.

I don't wear full makeup everyday. My everyday makeup consists of foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, mascara and filling in my brows. When I'm not feeling extremely lazy, I'll wear eyeliner. I love them but I've watery eyes and oily lids. Non-waterproof eyeliners smudge and crease like crazy on me. That's why you'll find heaps of waterproof eyeliners in my makeup collection from high-end brands to drugstore brand like Gosh.

I was first introduced to Gosh cosmetics a few years ago. I read a lot of good reviews on Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liners so I decided to give them a try. I only saw Gosh in the country once but I'd never buy anything from that drugstore because people would just open the products (not testers) and try them on. I've seen a few teenage girls who walked in to the store, took one of the mascara and started using them like nobody's watching. Gross, I know! That's why I prefer to shop at Tesco where most of the cosmetics are on locked display shelves. I haven't seen Gosh here for a long time and I guess it's been discontinued? I bought mine from Slovakia where DH is from.
How do I like Velvet Touch liners? They're great eyeliners for 6,50€. The liners are very pigmented, soft, creamy, glide on quite smoothly and waterproof! They're long-lasting and don't crease on my lids. They come in many colours but I only have a few of them. My mission is to get more colours the next time I'm in the store :)

Here are the colour swatches I currently own. I love 007 Alligator, it's my most recent purchase.
Are you a fan of Velvet Touch liners too?


  1. Yes, you are right. GOSH used to be sold here, but they left the market about a year or maybe even longer ago. And I absolutely understand how you felt about that girls in drugstore. I hate that kind of behaviour! Back in high school, I went to a drugstore with my classmate, she kept talking and put a handcream just like that. I asked her if she knows that that was not a tester, she said nothing. Man! Once I bought a lipbalm, jar packaging in a carboard box. I came home, opened it and there was a huge hole inside. Yuck! Ever since than, I am very, very careful when buying anything in drugstores. I know how to find out if anyone tested it even a little. And I am really, really envy about those sealed products in US drugstores. This is not only gross and bacteria friendly, but it also ruins the product when you open it.
    Btw: I love Woody Green, it looks absolutely gorgeous! And GOSH is still being sold in UK, unfortunatelly quite far for me, haha.
    And have you tried Milane Liquif'Eye? They have only about 4 or 5 shades, but they are amazing. No matter how hard you try to swipe them off, they are not going anywhere. I have the black one and I absolutely adore it.

  2. I never actually tried them but they looks pretty xx

  3. Yarisse: I wish one day, they'll start to seal all the products in the stores. I'll either go to Sephora or Tesco to get Maybelline mascaras. I used to go to DM but after seeing what the girls were doing, I only go there for lotion or shampoo! I haven't tried anything from Milani yet. I've had heard a lot of good things about that brand, including from my sister. I got my Gosh from Bratislava :) They're available at Fann. I love green eyeliners. My favourite is UD 24/7 Stash and Woody Green is my second favourite :D

    ♥♥ Indah ♥♥: They're great eyeliners for the price. And yes, they're pretty ;)

  4. alright... where can i get these????????????

    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

  5. Rinz: I think they're available in the US too.

  6. 007 Alligator and woody green are both gorgeous!!

  7. Those colors are all so pretty! I normally stick to black liners, but woody green looks gorgeous! I have the same problem with most eyeliners too; my monolids and oiliness tend to smudge liners on me. Recently I started using MAC's liquidlast liner and it doesn't budge at all :)

  8. ♥ Pixie D ♥ : They're my favourites :D

    Rinny: Have you tried MAC Fluidline? It works works pretty well with oily lids.

  9. @MissA: Yep, I actually really loved it, and found a great dupe by Wet n'Wild for it, but because I have a monolid, gel liners almost always leave a "ring" on my lid from when my eyes are open :(