7 March 2011

Chanel Lipsticks

I used to be a lipglosses only type of person. About two years ago, I started falling in love with lipsticks. I'm quite particular with the brands I go for because I can't stand some of the scented lipsticks! The smell is just too much for me.

My favourite ones are from MAC (need I say more?), Benefit, Rimmel and NYX. I've never tried any lipsticks from high-end designer brands before. When the department store nearby was having 50% off some selected Chanel cosmetics, I was thinking, why not?

I picked up Rouge Allure Adorable and Rouge Hydrabase Rose Rebelle. Believe it or not, Rouge Allure is US$51 and Rouge Hydrabase is US$49 here, outrageous price for a lippie! Anyway, I shouldn't be complaining too much because I got them at pretty decent prices :) One thing for sure that I'll never pay retail prices for Chanel lipsticks here.

Rouge Allure - Adorable
My first Chanel cosmetic ever! It's from the Rouge Allure Collection in 2009. Just like the name says, Adorable is adorable! It's a gorgeous soft pink - my type of colour.

Rouge Hydrabase - Rose Rebelle
After trying Adorable and how much I like it. I decided to stop by the department store to see if there's anything else I could grab when the sale was still on. I found Rose Rebelle and fell in love with the beautiful mid-tone rosy pink colour. I didn't have a similar colour like this one so I brought it home :) It was part of Chanel Spring 2009 collection.

Rouge Coco - Jersey Rose
I picked this one up from the duty-free shop in the airport on Tuesday. I paid US$31 for this one, I guess that's the normal price you lucky ladies in the US? I absolutely love the pink, slightly peachy tone. It's light and perfect for spring - I'll definitely wear this colour in the summer too.

It's weird to say I can't wait for my next business trip so that I get to buy more cheaper cosmetics. I'm pretty sure my wallet won't be very happy about it :)


  1. Ahh these all look so pretty! I don't own any super high end lip products, but I would love to splurge on one just once ;)

  2. Great haul. I love Chanel lipsticks as the colors are always so flattering. Enjoy your new goodies!

  3. These look gorgeous! I have tried one of the lipsticks from the Rouge Coco line but i couldn't stand puting something smelling like roses on my lips.

  4. i'm still a lipgloss kind of girl... in fact, i bought my very first lipstick last month and i havn't even used it yet. haha! It's a MAC lipstick though so i'm sure it'll turn out nice :)

  5. Rinny: I don't own any high end lip products before. I'm a MAC girl... :)

    Kristie: After seeing many entries about Chanel lipsticks on your blog, I decided to give them a try... and I like them!

    Yarisse: It took a while for me to get used to the scent. It somehow reminds me of my mom's lipsticks which I used to play with when I was a kid... I still prefer MAC's vanilla scent :)

    Kym: I think it has something to do with age. Haha. Now I'm older and prefer lipsticks.

  6. I prefer MAC's sweet scent to.
    And you are right about the lipsticks. When I was younger, I used to be soo into lipglosses and could never picture myself wearing a lipstick.