29 March 2011

March Nail Polish Haul

I've a cheap nail polish fever this month. I can't wait to try all the colours especially Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper.

The first time I saw Essence was 5 years ago. The main reason why I was never bothered to check this brand out because the cartoon illustration made it look cheap to me. I bought a few nail polish last year after reading some good reviews on their Colour & Go. What I can say? I was sold! They cost around 1,20EUR - cheap and available in many fun colours. I'm so in love with the new duo chrome colours. They're so pretty.

From left to right, top to bottom
It's Purplelicious, You're A Gold Mine, Circus Confetti, Edward, Right, Girl, Blue Lagoon, Out Of My Mind, Where Is The Party?, Red-Y To Go, Essence Hypnotic Poison, Irreplaceable, Can't Cheat On Me

I don't shop at H&M much. I only go there when I need some wardrobe basics. Their nail polish have never caught my attention. Am still not sure what got me checking them out a few weeks ago. I brought home Miss Stone Heart and Moody Model. I was surprised to see how easy the application was and it didn't chip for days. I went back there and bought more of them. Happy Purple is my most favourite colour. It's dark purple with gold shimmers.

L->R: Hunt Me Down, Moody Model, Miss Stone Heart, Happy Purple

I picked up Essie top coat - to dry for and good to go! from Sephora. They're 20% off for Sephora Club members last week. I've used good to go! top coat before I started using Seche Vite. Seche Vite is a great fast dry top coat but I hate when it goes thick, adding polish thinner doesn't really help.

What's your latest nail product haul?


  1. wahhhh!! i LOOOOOVE the haul! so jealous!! haha im on a no buy so i havent bought anything in almost a month!! O___o haha

  2. These look amazing! I am going to get more Essence polishes soon as well. I already have two or three and am really happy with them all. Really perfect bargain.

  3. Katrina: I tried to go on no buy but I failed doing that!

    Yarisse: I'm officially in love with Essence polishes! Someone needs to keep me away from the drugstores *lol*

  4. Oh my that is quite the polish collection you have there. I have never tried the Esscense brand before must only be available in Europe. I really like the army green polish from H&M.

  5. Mara, I heard they're available in the US too! You may want to check Ulta :) They're only $0.99 there... cheaper than in Europe!

  6. Amazing haul!!!! I'm so jealous :( I'm still waiting for the Essence polishes, my drugstore still haven't stocked them, sigh. I love that cameo green from H&M by the way, totally on my wishlist now! :D

  7. Very Emily: A lot of the new Essence nail polishes are sold out here. I went to 3 different drugstores and was finally able to collect the colours I wanted. I was trying to get Hello Holo but no luck. It's sold out.

  8. omg this post made me drool! i just recently started getting back into nail polish. love the pretty shades ;)

  9. Awesome haul! I've never tried Essence brand polishes but I hear they're really good. And I didn't even know H&M sold polishes! I'll have to keep an eye out next time :)

  10. LJ: I love nail polish too! I haven't bought many of them after my last China Glaze haul almost 7 months ago.

    Rinny: H&M doesn't have many colours, at least not at my nearest store.

    Hye Rin: This an 'accumulated' haul *lol*