5 March 2011

Love/Hate Prague

In a few months time, I'll be celebrating my 5th anniversary with Prague. I moved here in summer 2006 for my current job.

I really didn't like Czech Republic that much in the beginning! No offense to my Czech readers (if there's any other than Yarisse)!

I've had some really terrible experiences in the beginning of my stay. My purse was stolen a month after I first arrived. My friends and I were in a restaurant for a brunch, my purse just disappeared! I was accused of stealing a beanie at Roxy when I was at the counter paying for the hat I wanted to buy. The SAs spoke to me in Czech, I later was told - they were demanding me to give them back the beanie I stole!!! I went to the local hospital to get my dressing changed for a finger infection. The nurse just ripped the bandage off my finger as if I didn't have any feelings. The waiter who told us, 'Who are you to tell me who to serve first?' when we told him we've been waiting for our food for more than 45 mins and why the ladies sitting next to us who came later already had their food served. The list goes on. I was very mad at myself, I wanted to leave but I loved my job (I still do!).

It's been almost 5 years. From the angry foreigner to one who has learned to accept the culture, I've adapted my life in Prague. When SAs are rude to me, I walk away. I take it as they're not having a good day. I've met a lot of great people here, including my husband. Sometimes M will tease me if I want us to move back to Australia and then saying there are many reasons I should love living in Prague.

Reason 1: The nearest M.A.C is 5 mins drive from where we live
Reason 2: Sephora is everywhere (which is true)
Reason 3: Louis Vuitton is cheaper here (he's so darn right!)
Reason 4: My career

There are places in Prague that make me happy. The historical places I've been to many times, numerous great museums in the city and of course, there's Parizska (Paris Street) where you can find all the high-end designer boutiques. My wallet doesn't like that place at all!

Parizska last Saturday

Louis Vuitton Prague. If you're ever going there, ask for the SA named Katka

And... summer!


  1. I felt really ashamed when I read what you very first experience with my country had been. The thing is that at least they treat all people the same way, no matter of you are Czech or not. The sad thing is that it hasn't changed at all since the Velvet Revolution. It's improved a lot, but you still have these problems everywhere. You will always have these bitchy SAs, rude hospital personell, you name it. Luckily enough there are still many nice, educated and dedicated people around.

  2. I was probably one of the unluckiest foreigners here :) I told people my story (especially after my purse was stolen, nobody believed me). I was however very impressed by how T-Mobile and Czech Police tracked down my stolen company phone. That was before my best friend received a call from an unknown lady saying 'her cousin' found my wallet with my friend's business card in there... if I wanted it back, we should contact 'her cousin'. My friend told her we're not getting it back. He was sure this person will ask for some $$$ from us!

    Took me sometime to accept that rude people are not only rude to foreigners but also the locals. There are indeed a lot of nice Czech people. Good customer services here always make me feel extremely good.