24 March 2011

The Memory Remains

I remember how painful it was for me to look at the photos I've taken during my stay in Helsinki. I hope one day I'll go back again. I still have friends who live there and I've promised them I'll come back to visit. My last visit was in summer 2007 with hubby. We're dating for only 3 months back then and my past was still haunting me...

My first winter in Helsinki, 2004

We lived next to the coast. It's beautiful in summer


American flag + Tarja Halonen poster? We're waiting for Conan O'Brien :D

Took a walk on the frozen sea on my birthday in 2006

My last time at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Life was hard for me. Right after I graduated from uni, I moved to Helsinki from Australia to be with my then boyfriend of 6 years. Things didn't go well. Finding my first job was so difficult. My first job interview was at Nokia. In the end, everyone told me I didn't have the experience they're looking for. I finally found a job after 8 months living there but the company went out of business after a few months. I was unemployed again but soon found another job at a university as a research assistant. I wasn't there for very long before I had a job offer from my current employer. That changed my life forever :)


  1. I think you terribly brave. I could never give up everything (or maybe its just I never found anyone worth giving it up for ;)) But I'm happy that everything's turned up roses for you after that. Perhaps sometimes, you just have to stick out the bad times and let the good times roll :) I love reading about your life in Prague. It makes me want to visit!

  2. Some people thought I was brave, some thought I was crazy :)

    You should visit Prague someday! Emirates is flying from KL directly to Prague and I heard sometimes they have pretty good price. My parents flew with them last year and they're pleased with the services.

  3. I am Finnish myself and moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago to be with my love :) Prague is lovely!

  4. Moi *waves* :) Prague is nice but I do miss Helsinki a lot. I miss living next to the sea, relaxing at mökki and the Finnish summer! Not really a fan of long and dark winter though :)

  5. Oh yes, summers at mökki are the best!