24 March 2011

Shoes & Sandy

I love shoes! Who doesn't? :)

I bought these pumps from Zara a few weeks ago. They were on sale! I really like the knots, I find them cute. The heels are below 4" and they're pretty easy to walk in.

I'm a big fan of ballerina flats. I wear them most of the time in late spring and summer. The Bloch I ordered last Friday have finally arrived. They're my first pair of Bloch and I absolutely love them! They're so comfy and light! I usually buy my ballerina flats from Vagabond and Camper.

Hubby is on business trip again. Sandy's my best companion. I'm so happy to have him in my life even though he's now next to our front door, waiting for his daddy to come home as usual. His sweet little face always makes me smile ♥


  1. The shoes are cute and so is Sandy!

  2. the pumps from zara are so girly and well-made.
    Love this kind of browny color

    and your lovely yorkshire terrier puppy ♥

  3. I love the knotted pumps, very cute! And Sandy is adorable! ^^

  4. Thanks, Rinny :) I can't wait till I can wear them!

  5. Sandy is such a cutie pie!
    I love shoes, unfortunatelly the genetics is a b***h as I have large feet. If a store has something in my size, it is always very limited (read poor) selection.

  6. I've wide feet... My right one is 1/2 size bigger than the left one. Sometimes it's hard to find brands that make shoes in 1/2 sizes. I'm not always lucky with my EU38 size when it comes to shoe sale. It seems like a standard size in CZ.

  7. Oh yes, I know what you are talking about. Still better than my EU42 :D