1 May 2011

April Favourites

Happy 1st of May, everyone!

Sorry that I've been MIA lately. As usual, work is keeping me so busy. DH is on his business trip in the US again for another week. He'll be home the following Tuesday but am leaving for my business trip early morning on the same day! :( He told me he has bought some 'presents' for me, I wonder what did he get this time. I'm thinking of asking him to bring me some Urban Decay eye shadow pencils :)

I keep my makeup simple in spring. I only have a couple of items because I haven't worn eye shadows since my spring allergies started - watery eyes and eye shadows aren't best friends!

MAC Sweetie Lipstick
I got Sweetie from B2M last year. It's a medium pink in Lustre finish (my favourite). It's work safe and an everyday lip colour since it's semi-sheer.

MAC Peachykeen Blush
Whenever I can't decide which blush to wear for the day, I'll reach out for Peachykeen. It's a peachy pink and goes with any lipsticks/gloss I have.

MAC Pearlglide Eye Liner in Black Line
This one isn't just my April favourite but my all-time favourite! I use very often if not everyday. Black Line is a greenish black with gold shimmers. It's so smooth, so pigmented and glides on easily. It's waterproof, smudge proof, and long-lasting. I was so glad to find a backup at Frankfurt International Airport early this year.

Essence Irreplaceable
I've posted a review on this nail polish a while ago. It's been my most favourite colour since I first wore it last month.


  1. irreplaceable ♥!! going to pharmacy n find this color tmr! I love essence nail polishes ♥ always come up with pretty colors

  2. Go and grab it while it's still available! :) I heard Essence has launched another new spring collection. Must go and check it out tomorrow.

  3. I don't own any of the above MAC items, but being a huge MAC fun, it is only a matter of time *lol*

  4. i have peachykeen too, i find it abit shimmery, my fav blush is pink swoon~~~i like how sweetie is a nice shade of pink( the picture looks more fushcia) but for daily wear i reach for gloss and lipbalms more~~~

  5. The Dollymix Diaries: Thanks, girl :)

    Blusherine: Do check them out next time you're at MAC, especially Peachykeen blush.

    Jessy: I used to prefer gloss than lipsticks. I think it has something to do with getting older *lol*

  6. I totally understand your eyeshadow struggle. As my allergy is getting better (spring trees do not bloom anymore and grass has not started yet), I am enjoying wearing full eye makeup again.
    And I have gotten Sweetie lipstick based on your recommendation and also via B2M and I love it. It is just perfect! Even my fiancé likes it and that definitely says something.

  7. I can't wait to wear full eye makeup again. I think I still have to wait for a week or two... I'm glad you got Sweetie! Isn't it pretty? :)

  8. I am glad as well, it is perfect. Thank you for your recommendation! :)