18 May 2011

Last Weekend

It's funny to say this was my first traditional Slovak wedding. I am married to a Slovak but we didn't have a traditional Slovak wedding. I'm glad DH isn't from a traditional and conservative family. My MIL is cool and very modern. The one problem I've is - I still suck in speaking Czech/Slovak. My in-laws know some simple English sentences. MIL speaks German too. When I don't get what she's trying to tell me in Slovak, she'll start speaking German *lol* Not that I understand German but I could guess what she's saying!

I didn't know what to expect at the wedding. I was worried nobody would speak to me because most people aren't confident enough to speak English. It turned out everyone speaks fluently in English. We had a great time. Lots of food, lots of alcohol, lots of fun!

All the male guests got this. Maybe someone Slovak/Czech can explain what that is?

We went over to the bride's parents' to meet the groom. 'Bride picking' was in the afternoon. We headed to the church for the ceremony and drove 10km to the reception venue. There was the plate shattering custom (the newly weds have to sweep the shards which is a symbol of good luck).

The reception started with chicken soup (the groom and the bride had to feed each other), followed by more chicken, turkey dishes, lots of cakes and pastries. After midnight, a smorgasbord of cold cuts was served.

My Cinzano, Fernet and Kofola

Kofola is the Czech/Slovak's Cola - tastes weird for foreigners (think cough syrup!) but now I love it. Vinea is a grape-based soft drinks from Slovakia.

DH was very excited when he saw the seating cards. 'Oh! Look at your name! How cool!' We agreed I'd be keeping my last name after we got married. His parents have no objection and are fine with that. Yes, his last name is long compares to mine which is only a 3-letter word. :)

I went shopping with DH a day before the wedding. He picked this top when we're at Zara. I wore it with a pencil skirt and a pair of peep toe heels. I also get to carry my Eva for the first time. No photos taken during the wedding because we're too busy eating, drinking, dancing and chatting :) I had to change into a ballerina flats at midnight because the heels were killing me while dancing.

One wedding done, 4 more to go this summer.


  1. Kofola tastes weird because of the licorice on it. I prefer it to Coke anyway :)
    And that thingie on the suit is a branch of myrth. Myrth symbolizes innocence, faithfulness, eternal love and power of the marriage. In the past, brides used to wear wreaths made of myrth to symbolize their virginity. Hope it helps :)
    I am soo glad you had great time. My wedding is not getting anywhere near yet and I am already getting nervous, haha.

  2. Thanks for the explanation! I don't know much about the cultures here :) I think I'll learn from the next weddings I'm going to attend.

    I first tasted Kofola in 2006 and it was so weird for me. I only started drinking it when I started dating my husband. The lemon flavoured one isn't bad, then I slowly get used to the original flavour. Oh, I like the one with cinnamon which was out a few Christmas ago. Haha.

    I remember how nervous I was last year before the wedding. You'll do just fine :) :)

  3. You are welcome :)
    Never tasted the cinnamon one, but I like the lemon flavoured one and hated the cherry one.
    Oh, thank you. We will see :D

  4. Never really liked anything cherry flavoured. Cherry Coke is gross for me... Can't imagine cherry flavoured Kofola :D