16 May 2011

Yankee Candles

I noticed that Blogger was down before the weekend and my previous post was scheduled to be published on Thursday but it didn't happen?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend because I did. The wedding was great and we had a lot of fun. Lots of food, alcohol *ahem* and we danced till dawn. DH and I only had a few hours of sleep before we drove back to his parents'.

My Yankee Candle orders arrived on Friday. I love Yankee candles! I usually buy Yankee Votive candles instead of those in jars. My all time favourites are Wedding Day, Clean Cotton and Sparkling Snow. I like how the candles make our home smell so nice.

Many people don't like scented candles. I don't like sweet/fruity scents. I'm very particular with the brands I'm buying because some of them give me headache especially the IKEA ones. Yankee Candles are available here but they're very pricey. I'm glad to find an eBay seller from the UK who carries a wide variety of Yankee Candle products. Shipping outside the UK is reasonable and fast delivery.

Are you a fan of Yankee Candle? Do you like scented candles too?

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