6 May 2011

❤ Louis Vuitton

There are always one or more good reasons or just another excuse to splurge on certain things you like.

I've just received my bonus and a pay rise recently. I've exceeded my target for 2010! Isn't this reason good enough to get myself something nice? :)

I brought my Speedy 30 for heat stamping at LV on Friday after work. I wasn't sure if I wanted it in gold before but I think it goes really well with the gold hardware. I'm really happy about it. A.T are my initials. I didn't adopt my husband last name after we got married in 2010. Even if I'd one day, it will be still A.T because his last name starts with a T too.

While waiting for my bag to be ready, I asked the SA if I could take a look at some bags. She was really helpful and gave me plenty of good advice. Most importantly, she speaks very fluently in English! The last one who served me before does speak English but sometimes she couldn't really understand me.

I saw Emilie wallet in the store the last time I was there and I knew I must get it. The size is right and it's within the price range I'm willing to pay for a wallet. It also comes in my favourite classic Monogram canvas. There's plenty of space and it even can fit my Blackberry.

I've always liked Eva clutch. I jokingly told DH that I would never buy it because of the name 'Eva'. The reason why? Both of his ex gfs before me were named 'Eva'! I know I sound silly :P But who cares about these Evas?! I thought I'd get an Eva in Damier Azur but I really dislike the golden brass Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate. When I tried Monogram on, I knew that's the one.


  1. congrats on ur pay raise. Lovely wallet :P

  2. *drools*, what a nice way to treat yourself. Im still saving up for a Louie. Hopefully, I will get the chance to do it soon. :)

  3. mmm lovely buys! I like the red button and trim contrast with the canvas on the Emilie wallet :) I haven't been taken by anything LV for a while. Might just go with one of the classics if I do :)

  4. crazypoplock: Thank you!

    Mara: Yay for Louie :D

    ParisB: I thought I wasn't going to get anything Monogram after the first LV I bought ages ago. But I couldn't resist Emilie and Eva :D

  5. I love Louis Vuitton Monogram too! Very nice picks! I think the gold heat stamping looks very elegant and chic!

  6. Ooooooo love this post! Super jealous! I would like all of the above, please! :-)