20 May 2011


I love shoes. Who doesn't? Good shoes are quite pricey here, not to mention the selection of brands and styles are quite limited. Or maybe I'm just too picky. The only brands I buy in stores are Ecco, Vagabond, Camper and Zara. I got most of my shoes outside the country when I was on vacation, was home for a visit and on business trips (if I had time for shopping!).

I like labels but I'm not willing to splurge on brands like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. I'll choose a designer handbag over a pair of designer shoes anytime!

When I knew DH was going to the US for business trip again, I added plenty of shoes to my Endless.com wishlist. That's where I bought my Badgley Mischka bridal shoes from last year. In the end, I had to choose 3 pairs out of the 8 on my wishlist because DH was afraid he'd be taxed by the evil custom when he entered the EU. These are what I got

Anne Klein Black Leather Pumps
I wanted a pair of natural patent pumps for work but since 7.5 wasn't available so I picked the black leather one. They're really comfortable and the heels are just a little over 3 inches.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Platform Sandals
I'm so in love with strappy style sandals, I don't know why! I find them really sexy (I used to hate them). The heels are quite high - 3.75 inches but they feel quite comfortable because of the 1/2 inches platform. DH thinks they're cute too :)

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sandals
I got these sandals in 'Platino'. I need something light gold to go with the dress I'm going to wear for my friend's wedding in August, these ones are just perfect. The heels are around 3.5 inches.

I like the selection on Endless and they also ship free. Buying from Endless can be risky for me since I can only try the shoes on when DH is back home. I will not be able to return the shoes for an exchange since Endless doesn't ship outside the US. I'm glad so far these shoes I've ordered are true to size. I know the size chart on Endless is only for references but I find it misleading. I'm an EU38, all my Nine West, AK, Badgley Mischka shoes are US7.5. I bought these new shoes in US7.5 and they fit me perfectly. Of course some shoes can run smaller/bigger but I've been lucky so far.

This shoes talk reminds me of an episode from IT Crowd *lol*


  1. *lol* Love this IT Crowd episode. And the shoes your husband brought you are just soo cute.

  2. I didn't like IT Crowd before but after seeing that episode, I couldn't help but to watch the rest of them :)

  3. Haha all I had to see was "Shoes" in your title post and I immediately clicked. The ones you picked out are really cute! :)

  4. Very nice! And a girl can NEVER have too many shoes…Right? ;P :) XO

  5. Thanks, Rinny ;) The AK ones are unfortunately a little too loose...

    Nicky, I totally agree! I've to hide my shoes from my husband sometimes :P