25 May 2011

Essence & Catrice Haul

After reading Yarisse's entry on Catrice, I told myself I must stop by at Rossmann this week. I've read plenty of raves on Catrice's products and I can't wait to try - especially the nail polish!

There are two limited collections at the counter - Enter Wonderland and Urban Baroque. I picked up 2 lipglosses, Pink Show (pink) and Alice's Hatter (coral) and Wonderland Green Card nail polish from Enter Wonderland. I didn't get anything from Urban Baroque. I like Marie Antoinette lipstick (it looks quite close to MAC Ever Hip when swatched) but it is scented (hate that smell). That's the main reason why it didn't come home with me.

I also bought some Essence lipglosses. XXXL Shine in Super Girl and True Love, Stay With Me longlasting lipglosses in I Like Cotton Candy and Trendsetter, I Like nail polish from blossoms etc collection.

I was hoping to find you rock! collection because I really want the nail polishes.


  1. NO fair....I've never heard of Catrice makeup before and I don't think we have any in the States. :( I'm loving the color lipglosses. When you can you should post up a few swatches.

  2. Great haul! I keep seeing Essence and Catrice products on everyone's blogs lately. I wish I had easier access to these brands in the US!

  3. Irena: Me too :D But I've given the lipglosses to my sisters who love them so much!

    Mara: Catrice is new here. I hope they will bring in more products.

    Rinny: I believe Essence is available in the US. Maybe the selection isn't that big there?

  4. Oh you're right! Their website says they're available in Ulta stores, which explains why I haven't seen them anywhere else.