16 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby

I haven't stepped in to MAC for a very long time since my MA left. My last MAC purchase was back in January, that was quite a while ago.

I was invited to Surf Baby launch event 2 weeks ago. As usual, the event was in Czech language but a MA came and translated everything for me so I didn't miss a thing :)

When I first saw the promo pictures, I thought 'Meh'. When I saw the collection in person, I thought they weren't as bad as I thought they would be! What I like the most from this collection are the pigment stacks! I'm not a pigment person but the colours are really pretty. The other products I think 'I would bring home' are Hibiscus lippie, My Paradise Cheek Powder, Glided White Powerpoint Eye Pencil, Saffron eyeshadow, Solar Riche Bronzing Powder and the nail polishes.

I came home with Glided White, Saffron and Hangin' Loose.

I really like Glided White. I've Urban Decay 24/7 in Yeyo but I find it a little bit too 'white' for everyday use. Glided White is very similar to MAC Nylon eyeshadow (no comparison pic because my sister 'stole' my Nylon a few months ago). If you've Nylon, you know what to expect :)

The MA who helped me with translation was wearing Hangin' Loose. It's such a creme nude pink with shimmers (it's only noticeable when it's in the bottle, not really when it's applied on the nails). I like colorful nail polish but sometimes I need something more neutral and work safe especially when I'm on a business trip! I spend most of my time at work sitting at my desk, talking on the phone, so nobody could really see my crazy nail colours. Hangin' Loose is a perfect shade for us office girls who want something more subtle. NOTD with Hangin' Loose will come soon :)

Saffron was part of MAC & Mickey Contractor collection which wasn't available here (or was it?). It's a deep coral caramel shade in Satin finish. I reckon it would go well with Gorgeous Gold which I already have.

What did you get from this collection?


  1. oooo i've been looking for something like glided white! might just have to grab that one!

  2. I have yet to get anything from this collection. I really want to try out Saffron. It's definitely a color I don't have. You're so lucky to have gotten an invite. I wish I lived in a bigger city to attend these kind of gatherings.

  3. Saffron goes really well with Asian skin tone, IMO :) It's perfect for summer too!

  4. That's so nice that they translated everything for you! The Maccines are all so really nice! I got Saffron, too!

  5. It was quiet at the event, only a few people turned out. I was the only English speaker. I didn't expect to have anyone to translate for me but that was indeed very nice :)